Case Sharing-Customized Service by WESEN Technologies

As a manufacturer of custom pressure gauges, WESEN Technologies has provided personalized services for many customers. These services include: different sizes, different materials, different structures, and personalized dials colors, scales, logos, labeling, etc.

Today we share with you our tailor-made products for a Canadian customer. You can count and see how many personalized services we have provided.

liquid filled pressure gauge with data sheet and certificate of qualification

When this customer first contacted us, he only had pressure range needs, that is, he needed some pressure gauges with specific ranges to meet the pressure monitoring needs of certain production lines in the factory. So we told them we can supply custom pressure gauges for them. After communication, we learned that the production line of the customer's factory has a vibration scene and is non-corrosive. The observers have a certain distance from the installation position of the pressure gauge when they are working, and the thread specification and size of the pressure gauge installation interface. Finally, we recommended our company's liquid-filled pressure gauge to the customer. The interior of the liquid-filled pressure gauge can be filled with glycerin or silicone oil, so that in the vibration environment, the vibration of the internal structure of the pressure gauge can be suppressed, and the pointer can also reduce vibration, which not only protects the pressure gauge, but also prolongs its service life. This increases the accuracy of the readings too. Combined with the thread size, standard and installation position, we recommend a 100mm dial size manometers. This size is not only convenient for reading, but also will not increase the cost of customers because of the larger size. For the scale of the dial, we have customized double scales for customers to meet different reading scenarios. Regarding the structure of the pressure gauge, we recommend a rotatable and open bezel to the customer. In this way, the pressure gauge will be very convenient for routine inspection and maintenance.

Every pressure gauge will go through a series of rigorous testing by our company before leaving the factory. Standard certificates of conformity can be supplied if requested by the client.

All our packaging cartons use environmentally friendly materials, and we can customize labels for customers on the cartons. Under our guidance, the customer put forward their design ideas for the label on the pressure gauge packaging carton. We can fully meet their customized needs for labels.

customized label on the box

During this process, we maintained close communication with our customers to confirm to them whether our product design meets their expectations. When all the work is successfully completed, we have also completed a wonderful journey of cooperation with the client.

Our company is a pressure gauge manufacturer in China, providing various oil-filled pressure gauges, water pressure gauges, gas pressure gauges, hydraulic pressure gauges, medical pressure gauges and so on to hundreds of customers every year. We eagerly welcome customers and friends from different countries and regions around the world to contact and cooperate with us. We will do our best to provide products and services that satisfy you.

Now, please see some other photos in this case.

1. The face look of the glycerin filled pressure gauge produced by WESEN Technologies. The dial plate is a joint-design by WESEN and the client. You can see bar & psi dual scale and WESEN logo.

liquid filled pressure gauge produced by WESEN Technologies

 2. The ring of the pressure gauge is bayonet type. 

pressure gauge with bayonet ring

3. Back look of the manometer.

pressure gauge with stainless steel case and brass thread

4. Brass thread, radial mount.

pressure gauge with radial connection

5. The carton with "DESIGNED IN CANADA" label on it.

labeled carton

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