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D210 Series High Precision Digital Pressure Gauge

D210 Series High Precision Digital Pressure Gauge

The D210 Series High Precision Digital Pressure Gauge offers accurate pressure measurements to 0.05% of full scale. This gauge is designed for extreme accuracy and stability in harsh environments and highly precise applications. Its anti-vibration and anti-magnetic functions make it ideal for industrial use.

Dial Size 105mm
Case Material 304SS
Connection Material 304SS
Accuracy 0.05%FS, 0.1%FS
Mount Lower
Connection 1/4 1/2 G, PT, NPT, M20*1.5
Power Supply 3 AA batteries / USB supply
Measurement Medium Gas, water, oil, other liquids...
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This high-precision digital pressure gauge adopts a 55x55mm large-size LCD screen. It uses a crossover display of the main screen and the sub-screen. It can display the real-time pressure and simultaneously display the reference data such as the on-site temperature and pressure maximum/minimum.The product is powerful, preset 10 pressure units, adjustable pressure sampling rate battery power display, the product is equipped with USB external power supply and battery dual power supply mode. This producf is powered by three 5th baeries and fegtures an ultrg-low power desian for up to 3,600 hours of battery life. The product adopts high-precision ADC and high-speed microprocessor, full digital design, high precision and good stability. The product is made of 304 stainless steel material, equipped with carrying case and power supply accessory, which is beautiful and practical.

pressure vessels with vacuum pressure gauges on them


Mechanical electronics industry

Supporting equipment of instrument

Pressure Laboratory

Construction mech automation

Replace the pointer precision pressure gauge and can be used as a standard pressure gauge for verifying pressure transmitters & ordinary pressure gauges

  • Technical Characteristics

    105mm diameter, 304 SS shell

    5 digits display, main & sub-screen dual screen design

    10 units are available: MPa/kPa/psi/BAR/Pa/mBAR/mmHg/mH2O/Torr/Kg

    Low power design, 3 AA batteries and can lasts up to 3600 hours

    Product certificate: CE, Explosion Certificate Exib ICT4

  • Payment & Shipping Terms

    MOQ: 30 Pieces

    Price: To be confirmed

    Delivery Time: 3~5 weeks

    Payment Term: T/T

  • Pressure Range

    Micropressure: (1...2.5..25)kPa

    Low Pressure: (40..60..250)kPa

    Medium Voltage: (

    High Pressure: (6...10...25)MPa

    Ultra High Pressure: (40...60...160)MPa

    Compound Range: (-2.5~2.5…2.5…5…-100~1000)kPa

    Absolute Pressure: (0~10…25…1000)kPa

    Differential Pressure: (0~10…25...40…60…60…100…250…400…6)kPa (0~1...1.6)MPa

  • Specification

    Function: Power On/Off Backlight Clear Unit Switch Extreme Value Display
    Overload Capacity: 150%(>10MPa) 200%(≤10MPa)
    Backlight: White
    Long-term Stability: Typical ±0.1%FS/year
    Operating Temperature: -5~40℃
    Compensation Temperature: 0~40℃
    Electric Protection: Anti Electro Magnetic Interference
    Sampling Frequency: 1~10 times/sec
    IP Rating: IP50 (IP54 with protection sleeve)
    Accessory: Carrying case / USB power cord

dimension figure of wesen d210 series digital pressure gauge