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D280 Series High-precision & Intelligent Digital Pressure Gauge

D280 Series High-precision & Intelligent Digital Pressure Gauge

Discover the pinnacle of precision with the D280 Series, a high-accuracy digital pressure gauge designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional engineers. Boasting intelligent pressure measurement capabilities, this cutting-edge piece of kit is a must-have for any scientist or technician who demands perfection. Enjoy state-of-the-art accuracy and performance, only the D280 delivers.

Dial Size 80mm
Case Material 304SS
Connection Material 304SS
Accuracy 0.4%FS, 0.2%FS
Mount Lower
Connection 1/8 1/4 G, PT, NPT, M14*1.5
Power Supply 2 AAA batteries
Measurement Medium Gas, water, oil, other liquids...

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This gauge is a high-precision and intelligent digital pressure gauge. It has a high-precision sensor and display the pressure accurately in real time, equipped with a large size LCD. It has a various of features, such aszero clearing, backlight, on/off button, units, low voltage alarm. And it is convenient to install and easy to operate.

The surface and connector of the product is 304SS. It can be used to measure gas, liquid, oil and other non-corrosive mediums of stainless steel. It applies to these fields:portable pressure measurement,equipment supporting,equipment calibrations.

pressure vessels with vacuum pressure gauges on them


Machinery and electronic industry

Supporting equipment of instruments

Pressure Laboratory

Mechanical engineering automation

Replacement of pointer pressure gauge

  • Technical Characteristics

    4 digit LCD showing the pressure accurately in real time

    Different pressure units to choose, zero clearing, backlight, on/off

    Battery powered, low-power design keeping working for 12 months

    High-precision pressure sensor, the highest accuracy to 0.4%FS, 0.2%FS

    Pressure percentage display

  • Payment & Shipping Terms

    MOQ: 30 Pieces

    Price: To be confirmed

    Delivery Time: 3~5 weeks

    Payment Term: T/T

  • Pressure Range

    Micropressure: (6...10..25)kPa
    Medium Voltage: (0.4..0.6...4)MPa
    High Pressure: (6...10...25)MPa
    Ultra High Pressure: (40..60..160)MPa
    Compound Range: (-5~5...10...-100~1000)kPa
    Absolute Pressure:(0~100…250…1000)kPa
    Differential Pressure:(0~10…25…40...60…100…250…400…600)kPa (0~1...1.6)MPa

  • Specification

    Function: On/off, zero clearing, units changing, backlight, calibration
    Overload Capacity: 150%
    Backlight: White
    Long-term Stability: Typical ±0.2%FS/year
    Operating Temperature: -5~40℃
    Electric Protection: EN 61326
    Sampling Frequency: 5 times/sec
    IP Rating: IP50 (IP54 with protection sleeve)

Overall dimension drawing of WESEN D280 Series digital pressure gauge