How To Choose The Right Digital Pressure Gauge?

When purchasing a digital pressure gauge from a manufacturer, it is often asked to provide the parameters of the digital pressure gauge, such as: pressure range measured by the digital pressure gauge, accuracy level, measurement medium, installation method (process interface specification), other requirements, etc. Due to the heavy workload of the purchasers in one day and the wide variety of products that are inquired, it is difficult to have a comprehensive understanding of the digital pressure gauge. When these parameters are sent to the technician for confirmation, sometimes the technician does not know how to choose. Today, it is necessary for the editor of WESEN Technologies to give you a brief introduction on how to choose a suitable digital pressure gauge. I hope it will be helpful to your work.

The pressure range of the digital pressure gauge is mostly selected according to the customer's requirements. As a professional sales engineer, he will confirm with the customer the upper limit pressure value during the measurement, what is the commonly used pressure value, and will be based on the possible pressure value provided by the customer. Choose an appropriate overload to ensure that customers will not damage the diaphragm of the digital pressure gauge during use. And professional sales engineers will also select the appropriate range for the customer according to the actual range used by the customer, so as to ensure the accuracy of the instrument (since the digital pressure gauge has a full range error, the appropriate range error is smaller).

The selection of the accuracy level of the digital pressure gauge needs to be calculated according to the actual error requirements of the customer. For example, if a customer wants to do an air tightness test, the required error is +-0.004MPa, the measurement pressure is 1MPa, and the overload is required to be 150 %, then through numerical calculation,(0.004MPa/1MPa)*100%FS=0.4%FS, according to the calculation, the accuracy of the selected digital pressure gauge should not be lower than 0.4%FS.

The pressure range and accuracy grade of the digital pressure gauge are the main parameters for selecting a digital pressure gauge, other parameters are provided by the customer to the sales engineer, and the sales engineer selects the appropriate specification and model.
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