Types of Industrial Thermometers

There are several types of industrial thermometers that are used to measure temperature in various settings:

Bi-metal thermometers: These thermometers use a bi-metallic strip that expands or contracts with changes in temperature, which drives the movement of a pointer on a dial.

Infrared thermometers: These thermometers measure the temperature of an object by detecting the infrared radiation it emits.

Stem thermometers: These thermometers have a sensing element (usually a bulb or probe) that is attached to a stem, which is inserted into a process or material to measure its temperature.

Thermocouple thermometers: These thermometers use the voltage difference between two different types of metal wires to measure temperature.

Thermistors: These are temperature-sensitive resistors that change resistance with changes in temperature. They are often used in electronic temperature-sensing devices.

Temperature transmitters: These devices are used to transmit temperature measurements to a remote location, such as a control room.

Temperature switches: These devices are used to activate or deactivate a process or system based on the temperature of a process or material.
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