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2.5" Gas Manometer 100 Psi 200 Psi With Glycerine Filled

2.5" Gas Manometer 100 Psi 200 Psi With Glycerine Filled

The Glycerine Pressure Gauge for Process Industry is a specialized instrument meticulously designed to provide precise and reliable pressure measurements within the demanding environments of industrial processes. This gauge is uniquely filled with glycerine, a viscous and non-corrosive liquid, which enhances its performance and durability in challenging conditions.

Engineered to excel in the process industry, this pressure gauge is encased in a robust housing that offers protection against harsh chemicals, vibrations, and mechanical impacts commonly encountered in industrial settings. The glycerine filling acts as a dampening agent, mitigating the effects of pulsations and vibrations that could potentially impact measurement accuracy.

The gauge features a well-calibrated and easy-to-read scale, ensuring that pressure readings can be quickly interpreted by operators and engineers. The glycerine filling provides an added benefit by minimizing the potential for needle fluctuations, even when pressure changes are rapid and dynamic.

With a focus on versatility, the Glycerine Pressure Gauge finds its application in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more. Its adaptability to varying pressure ranges and compatibility with different media make it an essential tool for monitoring pressure in pipelines, tanks, and machinery.

The Glycerine Pressure Gauge's design pays special attention to longevity and minimal maintenance requirements. The glycerine filling not only improves the gauge's ability to withstand harsh conditions but also helps prevent corrosion of internal components, contributing to its extended service life.

In summary, the Glycerine Pressure Gauge for Process Industry stands as a reliable and durable solution for accurate pressure measurement in demanding industrial contexts. Its glycerine-filled design, robust construction, and ease of reading make it an invaluable asset for engineers and operators seeking precise pressure monitoring in the dynamic landscape of the process industry.

Dial Size 63 mm
Case material Stainless steel
Wetted parts Brass
Mount Radial
Connection 1/4 PT, NPT, G... M14*1.5
Liquid Glycerin, Silicone oil, none
Custom options

Pressure range
Dial plate
Other process connection thread
Surface mounting flange
Mounting bracket

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stainless steel pressure gauge


Injection Molding Device, Hydraulic

Machine building and plant construction

Heating and air-conditioning technology

Fire sprinkler systems

  • Special features

    Design per EN 837-1

    Nominal size 40, 50, 63, 80, 100 and 160

    Scale ranges up to 0 ... 1000 bar

  • Payment & Shipping Terms

    MOQ: 100 Pieces

    Price: To be confirmed

    Delivery Time: 3~5 weeks

    Payment Term: T/T