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30 ATM Manometer Medical Application Luminous Dial

30 ATM Manometer Medical Application Luminous Dial

Introducing the cutting-edge 30 ATM Manometer, meticulously designed for medical applications, featuring a luminous dial for enhanced visibility in various lighting conditions. This precision instrument is engineered to provide accurate and reliable pressure measurements in medical settings where precision is paramount.

With a robust build and a water resistance of up to 30 atmospheres (ATM), this manometer is built to withstand demanding medical environments. Its rugged construction ensures durability, making it a dependable tool for healthcare professionals and medical practitioners.

The standout feature of this manometer is its luminous dial, strategically crafted to provide exceptional visibility even in low-light situations. This luminous technology ensures that pressure readings can be easily observed, enabling healthcare providers to monitor patients' conditions with confidence, day or night.

The manometer's intuitive design allows for effortless operation, ensuring that medical personnel can focus on their patients without any unnecessary distractions. The clear and precise pressure readings are displayed on the luminous dial, further aiding in accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Whether in emergency departments, critical care units, or medical research facilities, the 30 ATM Manometer with its luminous dial sets a new standard for pressure measurement accuracy and visibility. It's not just a tool; it's a crucial companion for healthcare professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care.

Dial Size 40mm
Case material Environment-friendly plastic
Wetted parts Environment-friendly copper
Mount Lower
Connection 1/8 PT, NPT, G... M10*1
Custom options

Other pressure connections
Custom dial layout
Surface mounting flange
Mounting bracket
Other pressure scales available. bar, kPa, MPa, kg/cm² and dual scales

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    Constructed from hygienic materials

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