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10 Inch Dial Precision Pressure Gauge Stainless Steel Manometer

10 Inch Dial Precision Pressure Gauge Stainless Steel Manometer

Nominal Size
Pressure Range

This 10 inch dial size precision pressure gauge accurately measures pressure up to 600 PSI. Its temperature & pressure resistant stainless steel-made body offers superior strength and durability, making it a reliable instrument for the most demanding industrial applications.

This test manometer has a large size of 250mm, a 2000KN dial customized for special conversion, and an all-stainless steel structure. WESEN Technologies specializes in the production of high-precision stainless steel industrial pressure gauges, and accepts customer customization.

Dial Size 250mm
Case material Stainless steel
Wetted parts Stainless steel
Mount Flange, Panel
Connection 1/2 PT, NPT, G... M20*1.5
Liquid Glycerin, Silicone oil, None
Custom options

Pressure range
Dial plate
Other process connection thread
Surface mounting flange
Mounting bracket

This 10" stainless steel precision pressure gauge is more than just a classic look - it's all about accuracy, baby! With precision you can trust, you'll know exactly what's going on with your pressure. So, get your test manometer on and take control!

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pressure vessels with vacuum pressure gauges on them


For gaseous and liquid aggressive media that are not highly viscous or crystallising, also in aggressive environments

Precision measurement in laboratories

High-accuracy pressure measurement, testing of indus- trial type pressure gauges

Increased safety requirements for personal protection

With liquid-filled case for applications with high dynamic pressure loads or vibrations

  • Special features

    Safety pressure gauge with solid baffle wall designed in compliance with the requirements and test conditions of EN 837-1

    Completely from stainless steel

    Knife edge pointer for optimal accuracy of reading

    Wear-resistant precision movement from stainless steel

    Scale ranges from 0 … 0.6 to 0 … 1,600 bar [0 ... 10 psi to 0 ... 20,000 psi]

  • Payment & Shipping Terms

    MOQ: 100 Pieces

    Price: To be confirmed

    Delivery Time: 3~5 weeks

    Payment Term: T/T